Dedicated Personal Service

MW Harris prides itself on providing personalized services for homeowners who appreciate high quality and timeless design.  Our ability to approach each project creatively and to push boundaries has earned us a distinct reputation for inventive solutions.


We are adept at renovations that solve dysfunctional layouts or provide the additional square footage necessary for homeowner’s needs.  Respecting the architectural context in renovations and additions while integrating modern lifestyle is an integral part of our design philosophy.  We know that a home is one’s biggest and most emotional investment, and want our clients to love their homes every day.

New Construction

Our ability to harness site conditions, views, context, and inspiration allows us to create a unique but livable home. 


Our interiors are not only elegant and stylish, but also functional.  We strive for timeless design solutions, avoiding overly trendy ideas and clutter.




Mid Century Residence 3


Kitchen Renovation 1


Private Residence Interior

[Spring Mill Road]

New Construction


[Downtown, 11th St.]

New Construction Residence

[Washington Blvd.]

Shingle Style Residence

[Williams Creek 1]

1880s Farm House

[Meridian Kessler]

Mid Century Residence 1

[Williams Creek 2]

Waterfront Residence 1

[Diamond Pointe]

Colonial Residence

[Beaumont Farms]

Mid Century Residence 2

[Highland Country Club]

Kitchen Renovation 2

[Crows Nest]

Private Residence

[Eagle Creek]

Waterfront Residence 2


ShowHouse 2005


ShowHouse 2010

Morning Room